Prepping Your House for Sale in Lake Oswego, Oregon

If you'd like even more information on home staging to sell your property quickly in Lake Oswego, contact me and I'll use my Lake Oswego, Oregon expertise for the fastest ways to sell your house.

Sell quickly in Lake Oswego with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - 5036709000Professional home staging is a proven method applied to sell a house here in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Home staging benefits include less time on the market and higher selling prices. If you want to sell your home quickly, consider a thoroughly thought out home staging strategy.

Look at staging your home as creating a "style" for your house similar to what a publicist would do for a high profile celebrity. Just like creating an image attracts the spotlight to a public figure, staging makes your real estate look better when it's on the market.

Making ready your home for an Open House shouldn't be thought of as a problem. Instead it can be a thrilling and inventive project. Together, we'll work to get a high bid for your home's sale. To see fewer days on the market in Lake Oswego, employ these home staging tips:

Curb Appeal Checklist

First, look at the exterior of your home, better known as your curb appeal. Look at the outside of your home from a street view. What jumps out at you? What would've-been-eye-catching features seem hidden?Knowing this helps us to choose what measures we can take to draw buyers from the street and into your home. If your home isn't the best it can look on the outside with refreshed paint and blooming greenery it's time to get those things done. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and raise your house's final selling price.

Welcome Home Checklist

Sell quickly in Lake Oswego with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - 5036709000 Could a buyer envision themselves watching a movie in your living space, unwinding in your reading nook or hosting a dinner in your dining room? I want your house to pleasantly accept buyers and offer them a sense of ease. I'll help you accomplish this by recommending small improvements that highlight the features of your home. I'll tell you take away pieces that give the illusion of clutter. Counter tops should be free and clear. Brick-a-brack, souvenirs, family photos, and kids' drawings should get stored away too. You need to "neutralize" the home so buyers can imagine it as their new house.

I know instantly what a room's best features are and how to show them off. Areas that directly affect your dollars include fixable like pieces of furniture that should get removed, rooms that need new paint, carpet that needs steaming, fixtures that need shining, and windows that need washing

Buyers' agents know that their clients want to see a property that brings them inside. Items that could be "offensive" should be removed in order for your property to impress buyers to buyers.

Setting the Stage

At every showing, we want to engage the buyer's senses. Brightening up each room is of major importance, so we'll do things like draw back curtains and change light bulbs where needed to welcome the buyer. Together we'll enhance the ambiance with enjoyable music playing softly and make sure a pleasing scent flows room-to-room. We'll add cozy-looking blankets, and place pillows on your sofa and bedding. Buyers should feel like your current house is their future home.

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